Saturday, May 25, 2013

Jay and Emma's Road Trip

Today at four a'clock in the morning you Emma and your dad left on a road thrip to Florida with your grandparents.........and I'm an emotional mess!!!!

Beside the fact that I got to sleep in a bit more than usual, I am missing my Emma tremendously!!!!!

As Seylah and I walk towards the stairs she says "Emma" in a tone like she's wondering where you are!

And that's when I lost it... And the tears started forming. We come downstairs and I sit on the couch and a rush of uncontrollable tears start to poor down!!!

I think it goes without saying.....that I miss my Emma!

Of course I miss your father too, especially now more than even!
Ever since he's been home if we are apart for a little while I get sad.

I do hope you have a good time with your daddy and your able to see my side of the family.

Back at home every time Seylah is looking for breaks my heart :(

You guys are in your way to the Florida because Lucy's brother is dying and your daddy is helping his daddy drive.

Regardless of the fact that my Emma is miles away and I'm already missing you like crazy.

I'm excited to spend time with you Seylah
And perhaps when your daddy gets back you may have learned a few words.

So as of today I'll be missing part or my heart, until June 1st.

Love always mom