Monday, November 18, 2013

30 Days of Thankfulness Day 18

Mondays are more like my Saturdays, because is when we can spend time together.
I'm thankful for family time, watching Christmas movies eating pumpkin pie and jibarito for dinner. Haven't had that in a while. So grateful for the family God has given me a great husband and two wonderful little girls!

Because I have been focus on being thankful this month, I just want to take sometime to talk about you girls and the things you have been doing...before I forget.

Emma you have been saying the word "nevermind" and using it properly. You are such a big girl and so independent, you like to say I, I, I do it! You also like to unpunish Seylah when she is in time out. And then you tell us "Seylah is going to listen okay mami" It's funny but frustrating. You also like to cuddle sinatra and you say he's your doggy and that he loves you.

As for you Seylah you are a funny little girl. You make us laugh all the time with the noises you make and the gestures you do. When you get upset, you say gibberish things and you throw a tantrum. But is a funny thing to see....I should record it one day. You can be sensitive to others too. When I get hurt you say "you okay..sowy" and then you give me a tiki (kiss). And how can I forget...when you talk you add a T at the end of your word to almost everything you say or just emphasize on the t a bit more sounding like a "ch". LOL When I told your daddy to pay attention to that, now that's all we hear. Is so cute!
And your new thing is jumping off the bed, jumping off the couch, off the bench, the chair, pretty much everything that has just a little high to it.
You have been....well both you and Emma have been really stubborn and testing your limits with me! Not listening is one of your downfall, that just means more punishment for you both. But it still doesn't stop you both from doing what I tell you not to do. Sometimes I feel like a broken record. Anyways that's for another day.

That's all I can remember right now!