Thursday, January 23, 2014

A year in the life of my girls!

I wanted to do this on New Years day, but you know how time just slips out of your hands sometimes!
2013 has gone so fast it's crazy how the months and days can just go fast and here we are now a new year another January and resolutions are being made.

2013 broughts lots of new things like moving to a new state, and lots of challenges by you girls :) I'm sure 2014 won't be an exception for that. You girls challenge me each and every single day! That's the life of a mother :) but very rewarding.

This year there will be lots of changes for example in our diet...I say our this means the whole family because you girls well Emma more than Seylah, Emma you're very picky, so we'll see how we can change that. Another is this year I'm gonna start something to contribute to our finances. So far that's it, so 2014 here we come!

But for today let's take a little (it's actually pretty long) look at how fast you girls have grown in 2013!