Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Attempt #3 Day one of Potty Training!

Yes it has been tough potty training you Seylah!
Last night your daddy and I decided that enough is enough and I will start potty training you, because diapers are too expensive especially how much you use them!

This morning you had your potty training panties on and out they went, you went on them shortly after that. It was all butt cheeks with a shirt....of course you're not gonna learn in a day (i wish) but the shirt had to go too. So commando it was! And you were just fine playing naked, I guess it felt liberating for you LOL!

That's when things got better!
And overall it was a good day for you Seylah! A few expected mistakes here and there, but you did great. I was even scared of leaving the house, but I had to take sinatra out, he has his needs too. So I put your potty training panties, the plastic pantie, and your shorts and before we left you went potty on the toilet!

It was such a beautiful day and daddy was working from home today and I know he likes it when we leave so is nice and quiet, so we went outside and you girls played with the chalks, while mommy read "Chicken soup for the Mother's soul" accompanied by a nice cup of hot tea!
And through it all you didn't pipi on yourself.....I was a very happy mama!

So on to Day 2 of potty training!
Wish me Luck :)

Love always your mama!